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Your support enables EDA to foster equity and economic inclusion in underserved communities, paving the way for generational wealth. By donating to EDA, you're contributing to our mission of catalyzing wealth building through collaboration and stakeholder engagement.

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Becoming a sustaining donor empowers EDA to provide vital services to underserved businesses pro bono, amplifying their voices and fostering economic growth. Your monthly contribution helps us drive long-term change and supports economic inclusion in underserved communities.

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Sponsoring EDA's work is an opportunity to support economic inclusion and empower underserved businesses while showcasing your brand. Join us in driving positive change by sponsoring Underserved Business Month (UBM) and other initiatives dedicated to amplifying the voices of underserved communities.

Planned Giving/Gifts in Memorial

Consider including EDA in your estate planning or creating a lasting memorial gift to leave a meaningful legacy. Contact us for more information on how you can make a lasting impact through planned giving or memorial gifts.

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